South Carolina Permanent Partial Disability & Permanent Total Disability

What is the highest SC permanent partial disability rating?

The highest SC permanent partial disability rating you can receive is 100%.

What’s the difference between total permanent and permanent partial disability?

Permanent partial disability means you may be able to work but in a diminished capacity, while permanent total disability means you’re unable to work at all.

What’s an example of partial disability?

If you suffer a permanent injury but are still able to work to some degree, then that is considered partial disability. An example is a leg injury that leaves you with a permanent limp that requires you to walk with a cane, but still allows you to work.

How long does it take to get a PPD award or settlement?

All cases are different, and you must keep in mind that the main factor in determining how long it takes to resolve your claim is how long it takes for your treatment to be completed. Once you have been released at MMI, your case may be settled in a matter of months. Generally, though, from the date of accident, it typically takes around 12 to 18 months before you receive your possible PPD award or settlement.

What Is the Importance of Work Restrictions Assigned by the Doctor?

My clients often want to know what makes a “good” impairment rating for their injury. I tell them that the impairment rating is important, but that work restrictions imposed by your doctor can be just as relevant, or even more important, when seeking a fair settlement for your workers’ comp case.

This is because in order to receive compensation for your workers’ comp claim, it is often necessary for you to show that you have permanent work restrictions that keep you from returning to work. Consult with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to help you try to maximize your compensation.

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