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The #1 Thing You Should Do for Your Workers’ Comp Claim in NC

Watch NC Workers’ Compensation Attorney Barry Jennings’ video on this topic:

Let’s paint a picture: You’re at work one day and suddenly your coworker doesn’t see you and hits you from behind with a forklift. You fall awkwardly and immediately feel a searing pain through your knee.

Your job is pretty physically demanding, so you instantly start to panic. Questions start rushing through your mind like:

  • What if this injury takes a long time to heal?
  • If I can’t work, how am I going to pay my bills?
  • Can I file for workers’ compensation? If so, how do I even do that?
  • Will my boss get mad if I apply for workers compensation? Could I get fired?
  • How much does workers’ compensation even pay, anyhow?

Slooooooow down there, friend. These are all valid questions and we’ll get to them eventually, but there’s one major question you need to ask first:

…Are you ok?

It might sound a little silly but, chances are, the best thing you can do for your workers’ compensation claim (and your body!) is to seek medical treatment.

If you’re injured on the job in North Carolina, your workers’ compensation claim will be largely evaluated on the course of your medical treatment – which can include:

  • How soon you saw the doctor after you were first injured
  • How frequently you were treated and if there were any “gaps” in your treatment
  • How soon you were able to return to work and if you could perform all of your job duties

Emergency paramedic doctor and nurse standing in the back of the ambulanceIf you don’t seek medical attention immediately, take a break in your treatments, or try to return to work too quickly, your workers’ compensation claim may be affected.

We appreciate your work ethic, but don’t let it cripple you physically or financially.

And don’t let worries over medical expenses you might be incurring keep you from seeking treatment – if your workers’ compensation claim is approved, you will be reimbursed for anything you’ve had to pay through your personal insurance company or out-of-pocket.

If you want to know if you have a workers’ compensation claim, you’re welcome to call us at 1-866-900-7078 or contact us online for a free and confidential case evaluation.

The second thing you should do immediately after a work accident is to report it to your employer.

And be sure to report it both verbally and in writing.

In North Carolina, claims not reported within 30 days can run a much higher risk of being denied. Denials can sometimes be overturned, but your claim will have a much better chance if you report your injury as soon as possible.

Click here for a more complete guide on: How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim.

Don’t be afraid to seek workers’ compensation for your injuries.

The system exists to help honest people, like yourself, who’ve been genuinely injured at work and just need a little help to get by.

If you’ve been injured on the job in North Carolina, we may be able to help. We’ve worked hard to put together a team we’re confident in, to serve injured workers in North Carolina and help with their workers’ compensation claims.

But don’t take our word for it – See what our clients have to say.