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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Raleigh, NC

As population in the Research Triangle continues to grow, so does the traffic. The roads in and around Raleigh are packed daily with cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If you drive to and from work every day, you probably see a couple accidents every week. And if you ride a motorcycle, you may feel vulnerable out there on the road.

A report using 2014-2018 NCDOT stats highlights the following dangerous intersections as the top five areas in Raleigh where the most accidents occurred:

  1. Capital Boulevard and I-440 interchange
  2. Wake Forest Road and I-440 interchange
  3. I-40 and South Saunders Street
  4. New Bern Avenue and I-440 interchange
  5. Glenwood Avenue and I-440 interchange

So when you are riding your bike around Raleigh, be especially careful at these intersections.

Meet Mike Jordan. Mike is a motorcycle enthusiast and an experienced personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. And he knows the laws regulating North Carolina motorcycle riders.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Raleigh, talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer and learn about your rights. At the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, we fight hard for our clients and try to obtain all the compensation they may deserve for their injuries as quickly as possible. Get a free case evaluation today.

What Raleigh Laws and Statutes Govern Motorcycle Accidents?

People frequently ask about laws on helmet wearing in Raleigh.

Gold helmet iconNorth Carolina law requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet, regardless of age. The helmet must also comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 which regulates the thickness of the inner liner and presence of a DOT sticker and manufacturer’s label. *

As with car drivers, motorcycle riders in Raleigh must also comply with all N.C. statutes that regulate equipment, gear, and driving in the state.

How Much Is My Motorcycle Injury Case Potentially Worth?

There are many factors to consider when trying to determine how much your motorcycle accident case may be worth, but it basically boils down to an assessment of what harms and losses you may have suffered in light of the situational details of the accident.

A Raleigh motorcycle accident lawyer can help you look objectively at the details of your accident (who did what, as well as where, when, and how they did it) and identify damages you may have suffered such as:

  • lost wages
  • medical expenses
  • property damage
  • pain and suffering

I Was in a Motorcycle Accident That Wasn’t My Fault. Who Pays for My Medical Bills?

So, you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Unfortunately, this happens often since motorcycles are less visible, and more vulnerable, out there on the road. In Wake County, the five year average from 2016-2020 for motorcycle accidents resulting in nonfatal injuries and deaths was 209 and eight, respectively.

But this does not mean you should have to foot the bill for someone else’s negligence. The insurance company for the at-fault driver should be responsible for your medical bills. Unfortunately, it isn’t always this straightforward. There are numerous issues to consider, such as:

  • Did the at-fault driver have insurance?
  • If so, is it enough?
  • Is the insurance company saying you contributed to the accident?

Motorcycle accident claims can get complicated quick. Get a free case evaluation today, and let our Raleigh motorcycle accident attorneys help you fight for the compensation you may deserve.

How Long Does It Take for Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims to Resolve?

Because every motorcycle accident is different, each related insurance claim can take a different amount of time to resolve. And in North Carolina, you only have three years to gather all your information together to file a personal injury claim after being injured in a motorcycle crash. An experienced lawyer can try to speed things up for you. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Raleigh can help you collect the police report, medical records, and other accident documentation as well as try to counter any stalling or delay tactics the insurance company may try.

Read how the lawyers at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin helped Alex get the attention of his non-responsive insurance company after he was injured on his motorcycle. Within a week, our legal team got Alex a new, and higher, compensation offer!1


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