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Nursing – You Can’t Help if You’re Injured

It takes a special person to join the healthcare industry. They often undergo long hours and many years of training for a position that can be “less than glamorous.” Not to mention the emotional and physical strains these vital positions demand.

Sad nurse sitting on floor in corridorHow the injuries occur:

Many people are unaware of the increased injury risks that people in this sector face. During the course of a normal work shift, many nurses and other healthcare employees working with various pieces of machinery are standing for long periods of time, which can take a toll on their legs, back and feet.

Nurses often assist with moving patients between different beds or areas of the hospital, which can cause severe strain. Since nursing work is very physical in nature, this field experiences extremely high numbers of work-related injuries.

In emergency situations, nurses often exceed normal lifting recommendations. In the heat of the moment, these employees want to serve their patients and assist with life-saving efforts, but, in the long run, these actions can result in injuries for the nurse.

The awkward positions required to complete many of the tasks in nursing are also to blame for many problems.

The injuries sustained:

Musculoskeletal injuries or disorders that cause pain to muscles and tendons are the most common injuries, – making up 41% of injuries from the healthcare fields, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These injuries are often exacerbated through the course of a normal working shift after the injury has occurred. The strain from these problems can last for many months after the initial incident, making it difficult, not only complete the requirements of the job, but to function in everyday life. Back pain can be especially serious, requiring long-term treatment and possibly even surgery to correct the problem.

If you’ve been injured:

Workplace injuries in the healthcare sector are serious. If you’ve been injured, contact an experienced attorney to evaluate your case.

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