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Top Causes of Onsite Construction Accidents

Working with heavy machinery in a variety of situations makes construction a dangerous work environment. And those who get hurt on the job could face lost work time, lost wages and long recovery-periods with high medical bills. Below are several leading causes of construction accidents.

construction worker on scaffolding at a project siteFalls

Any time a job involves heights, the risk for accidents immediately increases. Although safety protocols should be used at every worksite, falls can, and do, happen. Numerous injuries, such as broken bones or fractures, are common among fall victims. To reduce the risk of falls, be sure to use portable ladders appropriately and make sure any scaffolding is solidly constructed.

Electrical Problems/Wiring

Proper protection is mandatory for any employee working near an electrical unit, but incidents can still happen – especially if there’s been a storm or other weather event that jostled electrical wiring or boxes. Frequent contact with power lines or extension cords increases the risk, too. Each situation should be carefully evaluated prior to any employee working directly with electrical conductors.

Trenching Projects

When working on any project that involves digging, most people expect that the ground caving in is the leading cause of accidents. However, there are other risk factors at play that can endanger employees, including toxic fumes or lack of oxygen. Employees are also at risk of falling underneath or bumping into dangerous machines or liquid materials. Working in teams and implementing proper safety protocol can reduce the overall danger in these areas.

Hit By Heavy Equipment or Objects

In a construction site where heavy-duty vehicles are constantly moving heavy materials such as walls, stones or trees, movements can be difficult to predict and employees are sometimes the victims. Although hardhats and other safety precautions, like steel-toed boots are often required on site, they may not help if a bolder rolls and lands on you. Head injuries are particularly dangerous, but other exposed limbs, like arms or legs, can be injured in an instant when the workplace isn’t safe. The worksite supervisor should ensure that all materials in danger of falling or moving have been removed before employees begin a project.

Injured on a construction site?

Workers’ compensation claims are very common in the construction industry. If you were injured on the job, or someone you love was killed in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to compensation under the law. Call the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin at 1-866-900-7078 for a free evaluation of your case.