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If you’re injured at work, or maybe hurt in a car accident that’s not your fault, you may want to turn to someone local for help. That’s where the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin comes in. We’ve been representing North Carolinians since 1997. We’ve got you and all of Lee County covered.

Working for Those Who Are Hurt at Work

It’s usually something you don’t expect. Sometimes it develops over time. A workplace injury – or a condition caused by the workplace – puts people in bad situations. Being hurt can mean being unable to do much work, or earn a paycheck. At the same time, it creates bills. With huge employers like Pfizer, Caterpillar, and Lowes all in the area, our workers’ compensation attorneys in Sanford are here to balance the scales and try to ensure workers are treated fairly.

When You’re Hurt in a Crash, Help Is Just Around the Corner

Careless and negligent drivers are everywhere. You never know what’s going on with the vehicle next to you on the road. Sanford accounts for more than half of the traffic accidents and injuries in Lee County, so it could happen to you! If you get hurt in a car crash or a motorcycle accident, call a car accident attorney in Sanford and protect your rights.

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Get It

While car accident injuries are the thing most people think of when they think of personal injuries, there are many more ways you can be hurt. Here are some examples:

No matter who hurt you or how, you don’t have to go far for help with your case. Our personal injury attorneys in Sanford can help you protect your rights and seek the maximum compensation you may deserve.

Social Security Disability Benefits Are Worth Fighting For

If you’ve applied for Social Security benefits, you know that it’s not as simple as most think. You probably also know that many applications are denied. Whether you’re considering applying for benefits or you’ve already been denied, you may want to contact our Social Security Disability attorneys in Sanford. We may be able to help.

Free Case Evaluation

Were you injured at work? Or hurt through no fault of your own? Your next step is simple: Call us at 1-866-900-7078 to speak with us. We’ll evaluate your case at no charge. We’ve recovered more than $1.6 billion in total compensation for more than 60,000 clients.1


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five star review badge Repeat James Scott Farrin Client, Online Google Review
This is my third time using them!
This is my third time using them! 1
five star review badge Former Auto Accident Client, Online Google Review
I was very happy with the services received from James Scott Farrin.
I was very happy with the services received from James Scott Farrin. [The] legal team was very professional and responsive to any questions that I had. 1
five star review badge Former Automobile Accident Client, Online Google Review
I love the staff at James Scott Farrin.
I love the staff at James Scott Farrin. They are organized, nice, [and] friendly, and they seem to be very family-oriented. I've just recently referred another client to them because I know they will take care of her. 1

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