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If you’re just beginning your application for Social Security Disability benefits, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, you will need patience. The Social Security Administration does not move quickly. Second, be prepared to fight: a large percentage of applications are denied initially.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help you seek the benefits you may deserve, even if you’ve been denied!

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Where Is the Social Security Disability Office in Roanoke Rapids, NC?

The Social Security Administration office in Roanoke Rapids is located near Vidant North Hospital. The address is:

833 Gregory Drive
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

Phone: 866-269-2010, 1-800-772-1213
TTY: 1-252-537-4010

Please note that you should call this office before visiting, as it may be by appointment only. To get there, head southwest on Smith Church Road from E. Littleton Road. Gregory Drive is the second left turn past E. Littleton as you drive south on Smith Church. On Gregory, take the first right turn and the Social Security Administration office will be to your left.

What Is the Process to File or Appeal a Disability Claim?

There are two things to consider when you wish to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Are You Eligible?

Social Security Disability benefits are a type of insurance. People pay for the insurance through payroll taxes. If you stop paying by not working enough for a long enough period of time, you lose eligibility. To claim benefits, you generally must have completed 20 quarters of qualifying work (that is, a total of 5 years working and paying into Social Security) in the last 10 years. Even if you do not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you still may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)!

Are You Prepared?

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits often requires you to submit information, records, and other forms. It’s not necessarily difficult, but many people find it tedious. Not having complete information causes many applications to be denied, so getting this right is important.

To appeal a denied Social Security Disability claim, there are specific steps to follow. While it may seem straightforward at a glance, the rules can be convoluted. Social Security Disability lawyers for Roanoke Rapids can provide valuable assistance regardless of where you are in your process. They know the system and understand what it takes to give clients the best chance at approval.

How Long Do Social Security Disability Payments Last?

Social Security Disability benefits can be paid:

  • For as long as you are disabled (subject to continuing disability reviews)
  • Until you reach full retirement age (which depends on your date of birth)

Once you reach full retirement age, Social Security Disability benefits cease as you are switched over to the system’s retirement benefits. The system assumes that during your “working life” up to your full retirement age, being disabled means you have limited means to earn an income. However, once your “working life” is past and you reach the designated retirement age, being unable to work is no longer relevant.

In other words, you won’t receive both Social Security Disability benefits (which is insurance) and Social Security Income (which is a retirement benefit) at the same time.

Do I Need a Social Security Disability Attorney for Roanoke Rapids, NC?

That depends on what your goal is. The nonprofit National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR), a dedicated bar association for attorneys and advocates who represent SSD and SSI claimants, states that two-thirds of claims are initially denied, and also that many claims are approved when appealed to a higher level of review.

That means you’re likely going to have to fight for benefits. An experienced North Carolina Social Security Disability lawyer can:

  • Navigate the bureaucracy: The paperwork, the rules, the deadlines, and the levels of approval can combine to create the perfect storm of confusion if you don’t work in the system every day. An attorney can handle the red tape so you don’t have to.
  • Present the case: An attorney familiar with the system and its many rules will know how to present your case with the most crucial information highlighted. The more completely and efficiently a case is presented, the better your chances of an approval.
  • Increase the odds of success with experience: The Social Security Administrative process, hearings, witness depositions, medical and vocational expert witnesses, and administrative law judges could all be obstacles to the success of your case. Experience working through all of these factors can give your claim a better chance of approval.

Contact a James Scott Farrin Disability Attorney for Roanoke Rapids

Our Social Security Disability team is headed by Rick Fleming, a North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Social Security law. Several of our team members once worked with the Disability Determination Office of the Social Security Administration. We have extensive inside knowledge of the system, which can help us avoid hang-ups and delays.

Do not hesitate to call us any time for a free case evaluation at 1-866-900-7078. You can also contact us online if you prefer. Want to meet in person? Contact our Roanoke Rapids office to schedule an appointment. We’re ready to assist you and tell the Social Security Administration you mean business.