Back Injury

Back injuries can be debilitating: You may deserve justice

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An accident that leads to a back injury can happen quickly, but the recovery time can take months or even years. If you injured your back at work, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

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A closer look at back injuries

Back injures can seriously undermine a worker's physical abilities and they can take months — or even years — to fully heal. They can affect the livelihoods of people in many different types of professions. Back injuries can mean lifting and pushing restrictions, as well as limited twisting, bending and stooping. A plumber, for example, might be unable to crawl under a house to fix the plumbing or HVAC. It also can affect a person's ability to lift or push heavy objects (such as a medical cart in a hospital). Many with back injuries have trouble bending or stooping for extensive periods of time (such as a housekeeper or certified nursing assistant (CNA) who can no longer make beds).

People with back injuries might also require frequent changes in position due to an inability to sit or stand comfortably. This can affect workers who can't work standing up or take frequent breaks, such as production data entry and telemarketing specialists.

Herniated disc: A common back injury

One of the most common back injuries is a disc problem — such as a herniated (slipped or ruptured) disc. Many different injury processes can affect the vertebrae. These problems can be difficult to diagnose and rely greatly on the opinion of the physician. The most common means of diagnosis is the MRI scan. Some spine surgeons want a diskogram or myelogram performed to confirm an MRI finding prior to giving a surgical recommendation.

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The process of diagnosis can be long and difficult, and things may be made worse by insurance carriers who deny tests and treatments. In addition, it is a misconception that a worker had to be pain free prior to the injury to have a valid claim. Carriers will often deny claims based on a preexisting condition or words to that effect. A Workers' Compensation lawyer can help with these issues.

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