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Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Publishes Paper Defending Social Security Disability Insurance

A senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has written a paper defending the Social Security Disability Insurance program against claims that spending has gotten “out of control” by saying that the program provides “modest but vital benefits” and that any rise in expenses is primarily attributable to demographic changes.

Many legislators have criticized the program – which provides benefits to people who have become disabled and unable to work – for its increasing ranks. Many see this as evidence that the program is growing too large or that strict standards are not in place to ensure that those who receive benefits actually need them.

Kathy Ruffing argues in her report “Social Security is Vital to Workers with Severe Impairments” that Social Security disability claims are increasing primarily as a result of an aging population, more women entering employment and a rising retirement age that leaves more people in the workforce.

“An unfortunate tactic of some program critics is to compare today’s receipt rates with those of the early- and mid-1980s,” Ruffing wrote. “That amounts, however, to cherry-picking the data.”

In addition, Ruffing argues, the Social Security disability program has strict standards for eligibility, and only 41 percent of applicants are given benefits that cover their “subsistence.” Many struggle for years before they are given benefits, living on a significantly impaired salary or no salary at all.

North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyers

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