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“It’s always about doing your best for that person who needs help, who needs an advocate on their side.”

- Tae Storr



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Distinguished Service Award winner

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Interned with the North Carolina Court of Appeals

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Served with The Innocence Project fighting to exonerate wrongfully-convicted prisoners

Attorney Tae Storr

Ataesheeana “Tae” Storr always knew she was going to be an attorney. Her journey to becoming one unfolded over three key chapters, and the perspective she gained and deep empathy she developed along the way help make her an exceptional advocate for her clients.

Chapter One: A Meticulous Paralegal’s Perspective

Before becoming an attorney, Tae worked as a paralegal. That’s when she first fell in love with helping personal injury clients navigate the obstacles of their case. The connections she forged with clients were very important and it was not unusual for Tae and her clients to speak and stay caught up, even after their case was resolved.

Tae has always had an appreciation for rules and procedures, which makes her interest in law easy to understand. Being a paralegal is working on the front lines of a case, making sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted in accordance with demanding court rules. But Tae was happy to take this burden on, knowing that her work let clients focus on what really matters: getting better and getting back to normal.

Ultimately, though, paralegal work was just the beginning for Tae. She never lost sight of her goal of becoming an attorney and in 2018, she enrolled in Greensboro-based Elon University School of Law.

Chapter Two: A Non-Traditional Student’s Perspective

Tae’s mother was the first member of her family to go to college and Tae was determined to become the first one to ever hold a professional degree. This resolve never faltered, even when Tae’s first attempt at law school didn’t go as well as it could have. But there was one very important lesson Tae learned from that experience, a lesson that she still carries with her today: not everyone learns the same way, not everyone handles obstacles the same way, not everyone strives for what’s right the same way…and that’s a great thing.

Acting on this lesson, Tae became a law school teaching assistant. She was in her zone, connecting with people, understanding their unique struggles, and devising innovative ways to help them succeed. One success story that has always stuck with her is a fellow student and friend with a decidedly non-traditional background, who didn’t see any reason her unusual circumstances would prevent her from flourishing. And Tae couldn’t have agreed more. While this student felt discouraged at times, Tae was honored to work with her and continually adapt new strategies to help her reach her goals.

Her devotion to serving students at her school earned her the “Distinguished Service Award” for her graduating class. That empathy is still a hallmark of Tae’s approach now as an attorney. She always works to stay attuned and responsive to her clients’ needs.

Chapter Three: A Compassionate Attorney’s Perspective

In addition to her work as a paralegal and teaching assistant, Tae has worked as a case manager for The Innocence Project, which fights to exonerate those who have been wrongly convicted of a crime. Tae has also interned for the North Carolina Court of Appeals and served as a volunteer for Legal Aid of North Carolina. Whatever the area of the law she’s working in, Tae’s goal is the same: to be a resource for people, to do what’s in her control to help her clients recover from difficult circumstances.

That’s why, from the moment a client calls, Tae begins to plan, decisively and intentionally. She envisions each step in the process that needs to happen and precisely how it needs to happen. She brings this same level of skill and focus to every case, fulfilling her responsibilities to both her clients and herself. “I have a standard for myself and that standard is excellence, and I do everything in my power not to fall beneath it,” said Tae.

While nobody can guarantee a result, you can count on Tae to be there in a difficult time, trying to make sure your needs are met while fighting for justice on your behalf. “It’s always about doing your best for that person who needs help, who needs an advocate on their side, and I’ve made it my job to assist those that need that support and fulfillment.”

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Licensed In

  • North Carolina

Practice Area


  • Certified Notary Public
  • North Carolina Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division

Law School

Elon University School of Law
Greensboro, NC
2021, J.D.

  • Served as a Teaching Assistant for Civil Procedure
  • Distinguished Service Award winner
  • Selected as Leadership Fellow


North Carolina Central University
Durham, NC
2015, B.A. in Political Science, cum laude

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The workers at JSF are AMAZING!
The workers at JSF are AMAZING! They keep you updated on everything going on with your case, and they answer any questions that you might have. They are very friendly and open people to work with. I will be recommending people to them in the future. 1
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I love the staff at James Scott Farrin.
I love the staff at James Scott Farrin. They are organized, nice, [and] friendly, and they seem to be very family-oriented. I've just recently referred another client to them because I know they will take care of her. 1

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