Attorney John Wheatley

“I have a great deal of empathy and awareness of how an injury can impact someone’s life, and I want to help clients during their times of need.”

- John T. Wheatley


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Licensed in North and South Carolina

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Has practiced personal injury law for 8+ years

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Winner, CALI Award for sports law

Attorney John T. Wheatley

John T. Wheatley joined the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin in 2024 to advocate for the rights of injured people throughout North and South Carolina. He is a compassionate and driven personal injury attorney who strives to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients – because he cares.

Raised in Charlotte

John grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, the younger of two (very active) brothers. He recalls days spent outside, fishing on ponds and roaming the neighborhood looking for adventure. Always in motion, John was sports-oriented and on athletic teams year-round – whether it was football, basketball, or lacrosse. He had a reputation for always being prepared at practice and (like many younger brothers) never backing down from a challenge or argument. John was determined and naturally competitive and even at an early age, he was told that he had what it took to be a lawyer.

“If I hear about something and don’t have any facts on it, I am going to do my research and try to make sure I know more about it than anyone else.”

John realized his academic potential at the University of Alabama as a member of the Order of Alpha Greek Honor Society and Phi Gamma Delta (a top academic fraternity). He received a B.A in Political Science, with recognition in Political Theory, and decided to apply his aptitude for history, writing, and research towards a career in law.

Empathy Bred From Personal Experience

John underwent two significant surgeries during the summers after his sophomore and junior years, and the recovery from each operation required considerable patience, strength, and endurance. He attributes this experience with jump-starting his interest in personal injury law and his desire to help those hurt through no fault of their own.

John earned a sizable merit scholarship to attend Charlotte School of Law where he was a Moot Court participant and a recipient of a CALI Award for sports law. He rounded out his academic endeavors by serving as a pro bono student attorney at the Mississippi Center for Justice, a student attorney representative at Expunction and Naturalization Workshops, and a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.

Before graduating from law school, John was offered a position at a law firm in Charlotte where he drafted legal documents and prepared for trial in personal injury and family law cases. John is licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina, and he has managed personal injury practices in both states. At every stage, his goal has been maintaining a personal connection with all of his clients.

“My greatest strength as an attorney is my ability to understand the other side, and I am passionate when it comes to fighting to try to get my clients the best possible result.”

John has a great deal of empathy for the injured, coupled with his personal awareness of the traumatic impacts an injury can have on an individual’s life. He channels this knowledge and insight into his daily efforts fighting for justice for personal injury clients.

One case stands out in John’s memory as a meaningful reminder of how the law can positively impact a victim’s life – and also demonstrates how important John’s clients are to him. In helping this injured driver obtain a sizable settlement from the insurance company, John recalls: “He was devastated by the accident, emotionally and physically, but after nearly two years of treatment he was able to eventually drive again. It pained me to speak to him each time – knowing what he was going through – but it was important to me to help him persevere.” 1

John is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, the South Carolina Bar Association, and the Mecklenburg Bar Association.

Seizing the Day

Married in 2024, John and his wife enjoy hiking with their two dogs in the North Carolina mountains, as well as with family out in Colorado. John is still passionate about the outdoors and sports, and he plays golf and basketball regularly. Having learned the importance of health and wellness after surviving two major surgeries, John continues to try to make the most out of every day – whether at work or at play.

Licensed In

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina

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  • South Carolina Bar Association
  • North Carolina Bar Association
  • Mecklenburg Bar Association

Law School

Charlotte School of Law
Charlotte, NC
2016 J.D.


University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
2013, B.A. Political Science